Partnering with Green Zone Hero to Support Our Military Veterans


“Why would a hippie chick massage therapist want to partner with a Veterans’ business association”, a friend asked after I excitedly shared the news with her. I suppose from an outside perspective, It may appear that the military does not have much meaning for me. But on the contrary, honoring service for my country is woven into my being. My maternal grandmother and both of my grandfathers served in the U.S. Army during WWII.

My maternal grandmother and grandfather, right before my grandfather left for Germany to participate in the Battle of the Buldge, 1944.

But my profound respect for our men and women in the military truly started with the strong bond that I had with my stepdad, David, one of the most honorable people that I have ever known. By stepping into my life at a pivotal time in childhood and becoming a role model for me, he made me want to join the military so that I could follow in his footsteps. He was in the U.S. Air Force and told me many stories of his tours of duty in Germany and Italy where he spent most of his time decoding Russian intelligence messages.  He would always joke that he could tell me more, but then he’d have to kill me.  The outcome of his service seemed to have shaped him into the man he became. He was organized, reliable, trustworthy, loyal and fair. I wanted to be just like him and join the military.

My stepdad, David and I before my Prom, 1998

As I got older I shifted my focus to serving in the U.S. Peace Corps, because I learned that I could participate in environmental conservation and education while traveling and learning about other cultures. So that is what I did, but a few months before leaving for my service I met an amazing man who was training to fly jets for the U.S. Marine Corps. We quickly fell in love but I was determined to honor my commitment to serve. So I left my homeland to live on a tiny atoll island in the Pacific with no electricity or running water.

Swimming with local children, Mokil Island, Micronesia 2004

During those years away, I learned more about my country and myself than the previous 23 years of my life. I learned how privileged I was to be an American and how many freedoms I had that people in other countries did not. I was challenged to become a better person and to represent my country honorably. I returned to America with new eyes and a grateful heart for all those that made it possible for me to live with so much freedom and privilege.

After returning, I quickly reunited and soon married that U.S. Marine that I left years earlier. A few months after we married, my new husband was deployed to Iraq.  Again, I was acutely aware that freedom is not free, but given to us by the sacrifice of our military men and women. Although I missed my husband dearly, I was always aware that my sacrifice was minimal compared to many other men and women of our armed services. I knew then and will always know that Americans make unbelievable sacrifices every day. These sacrifices allow me to wake up in the morning in my comfortable bed next to the person that I love. And make it possible to raise my children in a country in which they have the opportunity to achieve their dreams. Because of this, I want to do my part to support our military community in San Diego. I want SomaSense Bodywork to be a place of refuge for tired and achy bodies to receive therapeutic bodywork.

Wedding Photo, 2008