Yes, I’m going to massage you with my feet and you’ll love it!

In fact,  you will feel my two feet and my two hands on your back as I levitate above your body.  Not really, I am actually sitting on a stool but levitating above your body sounds much more magicalbarefoot!  Check out the video on the about us page of SomaSense Bodywork’s website.

Why is the foot better as a massage tool than the hand?

The biggest reason is gravity.  By embracing gravity and standing upright, the massage therapist is able to apply both gentle and mind-blowing pressure with ease.  Typically, a therapist is bent over trying to gain pressure using his or her bodyweight.  Not only  is this more work, but it is less efficient in gaining constant pressure.  When your therapist has the ability to stay upright, they can utilize the entire weight of the body effortlessly.

Not to mention, the foot is bigger and has more padding than a hand or elbow.  A well groomed foot is amazingly soft with more soft contours than a hand.  A foot can completely wrap around parts of the body such as the calf, arm or hip area.  It is like a soft roller smoothing out all muscles without causing pain.   This allows for the client to experience more pressure with out feeling the pain of a deep massage.

The most persuasive reason that the foot is superior to the hand is felt when both feet are gently applying pressure on a person’s low back.  There is no better feeling than having both feet working down the body in unison.  This alone will make you a believer in my argument.  But I guess you will have to come feel that for yourself.  Book an appointment for Ashiatsu / Calfornia Barefoot Massage today!  Mention this blog for a 10% off discount.

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