Frequently Asked Questions

What should I wear when getting a massage?

Some people like to receive massage without a stitch on, others wear underwear, and some people prefer to wear clothes. You don’t have to take off more clothes than you are comfortable with to receive massage. Talk to your therapist and he or she will adapt to your needs. Be aware that wearing more clothes may interfere with the use of certain techniques, but your comfort is the most important thing when receiving a massage. Before and after the session, you will undress and dress in complete privacy.


What areas of my body will be massaged?

The therapist will ask you what you need for your session that day. You will also be asked to describe any pain that you are experiencing. This will determine the appropriate areas of your body that need attention. A typical full-body massage includes the back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs, feet and hands.


What if I am uncomfortable during my massage?

Often people are embarrassed to speak up if there is something they don’t like about the massage. We always appreciate your requests and feedback. While we may be the experts on massage, you are the expert on you, and it is your massage. Your therapist will never be offended if you make a request to turn up the heat, add a blanket, or adjust the table, pressure or music during your session


Why do many spas and massage businesses offer 50 minute and 80 minute sessions while you offer the full 60 or 90 minutes?

In recent years, many businesses have discovered that if they cut the session by 10 minutes, they can book the therapists for session after session. The problem with this “professional hour” of 50 minutes is the client is often paying for the price of an hour, and getting an overworked massage therapist.

Everyone except the owners suffer. Clients lose a total of one full treatment every six sessions (10 minutes times 6 sessions is an hour)! Therapists don’t get enough time to keep up and are pressured to try to fit a full massage into 50 minutes, which is hard enough to do in 60 minutes.

We always give you a full 60 or 90 minute session.


What types of massage do you offer?

Learn more about what the many names you hear really mean, see Our Services. If you have a particular type of massage that you are interested in, or a special need (like being pregnant), please be sure to let us know and we will try to match you with the person best suited to meet your needs. Our preference is to customize each session, using whatever techniques work best for you. We don’t charge more for one type of massage than another, or for deeper work. Often, some areas need very deep work and others not – so why pay extra for deeper work? If we charge more for Ashiatsu, but only use that approach on your shoulders, then what? We prefer to charge one fair price to give you the best massage, every time.