Fall Allergy Relief

Fall Allergies: Symptoms

If you suffer from allergy symptoms, then you know how unbearable they can be.  People feel them in different ways.  As a child, I used to get itchy, watery eyes with terrible sneezing fits.  I had such bad allergies that I would have to stay home from school because they led to frequent sinus infections.  Using the following tips, I have been symptom free for the last 10 years.

Simple Healthy Tips for Controlling Fall Allergies

As days grow shorter and temperatures drop, we also spend more time indoors with the windows closed, exposing ourselves to more indoor allergens. But there are simple tricks to keeping the allergens from building up in your home and on your body.

  • Lavender Essential Oillavender

    The therapeutic properties of lavender (Lavandula angustifolia) have been known for thousands of years. . .  but lavender’s use as a healing agent for our time has only recently been rediscovered.

    Therapeutic-grade lavender oil must be distinguished
    from fragrance or food-grade essential oils found in retail
    stores.  This is because only a quality therapeutic-grade
    lavender can bring you safe and effective allergy relief.


    I’ve used Young Living’s Lavender Essential Oil now for a few years, and have applied it in several ways to put irritating allergy symptoms behind me.

    These approaches include:

    • diffusing lavender at bedside while sleeping
    • applying lavender to the soles of the feet
    • rubbing lavender on the face after washing
    • taking lavender orally in capsules
    • Why is it that lavender works so well?

      Because it’s a natural anti-histamine, and anti-inflammatory. . .  which is exactly what you want to safely and effectively conquer your seasonal allergies.

  • Get Fresh & Clean. My mom was right when she said, “stay clean and you will stay healthy”.   Be sure to take a quick shower or bath after you have been outside or exposedsoapybaby2 to allergens.   You can even change your shoes before entering the house and change clothes inside the front doorway to reduce the amount of pollen and other allergens you may be bringing into the house.  Washing bedsheets regularly in hot water will reduce exposure to allergens as you sleep.


  • Check pollen levels. You can check pollen levels for your area at Pollen.com.  If your area is designated a high pollen zone, it’s best to avoid spending many hours outdoors.


  • mdlGet a Lymphatic Drainage Massage. By the time you are feeling symptoms of allergic reactions, the body’s immune system has gone into over drive as it over reacts to pollen, mold spores or other foreign body invaders. The result is irritation and inflammation of the sinuses.  Lymphatic drainage massage on the sinus points can relieve these symptoms. For those suffering from sinus infections, Lymphatic drainage procedures can remove much of this congestive material from around the facial area.  It allows the body’s own healing system to do what it is intended to do. For more information about LDM call us at SomaSense Bodywork!


  • Take a antihistamine. As a child benadryl was as common as multivitamins in my house.  Growing up in a urban swampland, AKA Houston, I was almost suffocated by allergens that thrived in moist heat.  Antihistamines work by blocking the receptors from reacting to histamine and in effect hindering the symptoms from occurring.


  • Use an air conditioner at night. It’s where you spend eight or more hours each night, so it’s critical to keep your bedroom clean and pollen-free to avoid allergies.  An air conditioner with a HEPA filter will clean and circulate the air as you sleep.


  • See a doctor or nutritionist if needed. An allergy test will help identify the culprits of your symptoms and guide you in the right direction to  seek treatment.  There are many varieties of tests that can give you insight into your bodies allergens ranging from invasive to noninvasive.  Some test include:

Blood Test (read more)
Skin Scratch Test (read more)
Intradermal Test (read more)

Allergies Conquered

Using these simple, healthy tips have allowed me to live symptom free for the last ten years.  Everyone should be able to live a healthy and happy live without being bogged down by allergy symptoms!

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